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The California Aggie

Your donation will support student journalism at UC Davis and aid in the development of The California Aggie, the student's campus media and voice, publishing since 1915. Contributions will go directly back to The Aggie and allow us to train new journalists, develop new publishing systems and provide valuable work experience to UCD students. Thank you.

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Help build the next generation of The California Aggie and ensure that its valued history of publishing news by student voices continues. The Aggie provides exclusive campus and city news to the students, staff and faculty of UC Davis through print, online and social media, and has been relied on to research, report and inform the campus every week since 1915.

Your donation goes to maintain student jobs, equipment, training and for general operations. Donated funds will keep The California Aggie fulfilling its mission as it continues to provide quality journalism to the campus community at UC Davis.


The California Aggie is an entirely student-run and independent publication. The Aggie publishes online daily at theaggie.org. Without a journalism program at UC Davis, The Aggie is the best hands-on experience for students interested in journalism, reporting and other aspects of newspaper design and production.

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